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29 May, 2013

Moving Practice

Part of the reason I've been so busy these past few days is largely due to the fact that my mummy has gotten herself a flat! This means that the 500 some boxes (I kid you not) of her things that have finally been shipped over to Denmark post-divorce have arrived and need not only to be moved but unpacked, organised, and sorted out accordingly. On top of that I've had to pack up as well! I moved out of the boarding school for the last time late last week and it's a very strange feeling, let me tell you. So now my grandparent's basement is filled with half of my things and I've just gotten around to packing up the rest of my stuff from my mum's old place the other day. many times and in how many variations can one girl use the word "pack" in one blog post.

Back-aches, passing out on a giant pile of paper (no one listens to me...I said I was tired :P), and an awful lot of clothing to sort through (not that I mind...finding family ball gowns from the 1880's isn't something I hate :P) leaves me with very little time and very little energy. Here are a few pictures of the chaos that is moving....great practice for the big move that *GASP!* is happening in 2 months!!! ARRGGHHHHHHH London Calling ;)
Sorry, couldn't resist.



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