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29 May, 2013

Polina's 20th. & Louise's Reception

I'm in the best mood right now with all of these post going up along with the page views!! Wow guys, thank you so much! Your support constantly surprises me and works as the best motivation to keep giving you all of my best work that I hope can only get better with time :)

Once I've blogged my little heart out with regard to all of these celebratory parties I can't wait to update you on all of the lush goodies I've treated myself to this past month. Think: Zara, Michael Kors, and Newlook up to a zoo :D I'm quite content though, as per usual, my bank account is slightly less enthused.

On to the parties!

Polina picked the perfect night for her 20th. birthday party! I have never seen Bastians so packed before!! Her party was one of the two private ones hosted there for the evening and everyone was requested to show up wearing white :) It would have worked a bit better if it weren't for the fact that the UV lights never showed up. Never piss off a Russian, that's all I'll say! There were 3 different DJ's there along with a good 500 other people by the end of the night due to it also being the kickstart of the Tuborg Club Tour of 2013! Everyone had the most amazing time for what I both saw and heard thereafter! It.was.crazy. Hope the night was everything you wanted it to be Po :*


**All of the photographs below with the banner on them are not mine. I do not claim any rights to them. They are borrowed from the photographer from Bastians Nightclub of Nyborg, Denmark.**

**the party was maybe 15 min. in and Louise already won a dance competition...for Gangnam Style.

Louise Kofoed was one out of the two people in our class of 61 who graduated with an extra higher level and in return, apart from the feeling of a job well done, she received her beautiful BLACK hat on the 20th. of May :) Louise is one of those people that once you get to know, you only continue to be wonderfully surprised by! She is one of the most hard-working, down-to-earth, caring, ladylike, WELL-DRESSED girlies I know and her reception proved to be a perfect reflection of the sophisticated babe she is. Again, not many pictures because I overestimated how much time I had to get ready and in the rush forgot my camera and my phone died -___- but take my word on it when I say that it was elegant, humorous, and delicious! Her taste in food is apparently just as good as her taste in shoes ;)


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