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29 May, 2013

Last Exam Day

As promised :) Official post #1 of "Smoke In The Rain". And what better of a way to start up a blog than with amazing memories of an amazing day?! :)

The last exam for me way on the 14th. of May, 2013 and was Biology Paper 3, SL. I went in there thinking I could at my best, manage a 3...and walked out with, for what I counted up, at least a 6 :D That put me in the most phenomenal mood and gave me that extra push of confidence to walk into the chaotic sea of eager family members and wonderful friends awaiting the graduates-to-be.

I felt like such a lonely orphan walking out just and not able to locate my family at first, like many of us did. It was a bittersweet day knowing that it was all ending and even more so because due to the International aspect of the International Baccalaureate, it meant that many of us were lacking our immediate family members. My confused little Morfar was the first that I spotted and by GOD IT WAS HECTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything happened so fast, it's a beautiful blur!! Flowers thrusted in my face alongside many hugs and kisses and well-wishes from family, friends, and the many onlookers that joined in on the festivities, I was a very confused, very emotional little panda! I hadn't quite planned  on it, I'm not a big cryer, but when it comes to goodbyes or sentimental moments, I lose it: completely. They were tears of joy, nonetheless, but there is a quick explanation as to my oriental eyes in most of the pictures :P I had chosen my Morfar to be the person with the honour of putting on my hat and the poor little thing was extraordinarily confused when my mother ruined the surprise of be selecting him to place my hat upon my eager head :D

Once that was accomplished we all headed off to join the rest of the group in the canteen where our families had set up their own respective tables filled with champagne, presents, flowers, and some sweets. It all went by very, very quickly but I managed to grab my lovely Russian, Polina, on over to enjoy the moment with my family as well as one of my two husbands (hehehehe) Aske :)

Things became a bit less stressful as we all headed out to lunch. Nyborg is a small town to put it nicely so it wasn't all too much of a shock to find that all of my friends had ended up selecting the same café as I for a small graduation lunch before we convened later at a place with some more alcohol :D For anyone who hasn't tried the Mojito's at Café Anton's by the way, amazing!! Expensive, but nearly worth it :)

Went to the infamous flat with the group--Louise, Hjalte, Caroline, Stefen, and Liban came out to kick off further celebrations IB style ;) Of course what I hadn't thought through in the blur of exams was the fact that my graduation dress, beautiful as ever, wasn't going to suit me as well come the fall of night where my bare legs would surely not favour the temperatures. Louise and I ran off to another one of our impromptu shopping trips at H&M just around the block from her flat in order for me to find something graduation-worthy for a cozy trip to the pub later that evening :)

I'm still awaiting the pictures from my Mormor's camera so the following are all I have from my mum's camera, Louise's, and Baby Tulisa...Enjoy!!

All in all a great day and I am so thankful for the family members of mine who could make it for that day and look forward to seeing my little sister and father at a later time. 


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