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29 May, 2013

IB: Reception, Burnout & Everything In Between

My goodness, my fingers are about to fall off! But I am determined to make this seemingly empty blog FULL and FAST, it's been a busy day and much as I love you all, I've got to run quite soon! Maybe if I'm lucky then I can squeeze in a 30 min. kip--oolala!!

Personally, I feel as though I'm rambling. Although if any of you lovely readers are frequent then you know me well enough to know that I'm not very good at keeping things short, much as I may try. Going for bullet points here!!

First up: IB Reception

-A massive box filled with Orchids and cards for my teachers delivered my awkward self as well as the IB coordinator who was happily surprised that I was apparently the only student who thought to do so. Apparently it's not as big of a tradition in Denmark as it is in America to thank teachers with a few gifts at the end of the year but alls well that ends well..and I like hugs :D
-Good food
-TELISSA :D :D :D whom if any of you remember I spoke about a very long time ago in a post concerning her and my friend Nika on one of my first blogs.

**I'm in the blue and white striped poofy dress next to Louise in her blue maxi striped dress...second graduation-related even that we ended up matching without planning :P**


Time with Telly and our mini beach party post-IB Burnout cancellation:

I love this girl more than I can put into words and even though half a year can go by without our busy schedules allowing us to see one another, every time we see each other it's as if it's been 6 hours, not 6 months since we last met up. And what's a party at the beach without some tribal fire dancing, a battle of the sexes (girls won, FYI...the branches the boys found took 20 min and were half the size of the ones Telissa and I somehow managed to get hahahah), and a few confessions of love?! ;)


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