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31 May, 2013

Distortion, 2013: The Start

Afternoon! I'm now on the train via Copenhagen and thank the gods almighty I DID bring my headphones!

Couldn't find them earlier on the bus and I was nearly in tears. Didn't have time to grab a book before leaving the house this morning...not that I would have been able to find one...and I'm the kind of person with the attention span of a 4 year-old :P So long as I have music for a trip however, I am more than well occupied :) Do any of you feel the same way? What are some of your travel essentials?? Tweet me at @xxEmKirstinexx or write to me on Facebook! 

I am officially a happy panda again :) Can't wait to meet up with two of the best, the golden couple, Hjalte & Louise! (Yes, I did say that in a dramatic game-show host-esc. voice while writing it.)



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