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29 May, 2013

A Swift Return

Good morning!!
I know I've been absent for the longest time now but blogging wasn't at the top of my priorities in the midst of studying, tackling, and celebrating the 14 exams the IBDP had to throw at me this year!! Fingers, arms, legs, TOES are crossed in hoping that I've not only passed but that I get the points I need for my lovely University of Westminster! :)

There will be a massive slew of posts following this little message. Hoping to be able to really dedicate myself to this blog, hence the new name, layout and all--it's in the works!--cos, call me a dreamer, but I think it has some potential.

Hope you've all been doing well these past few weeks and that, wherever you are, the weather is better there than it is here today!

Off to the chiropractor in a few! I've officially garnered the confirmation stating that my joints are a good 30 years older than they should be due to dancing & heels :( :( Finally started to really feel the effects so I'm trying to get some more....comfortable...options on my feetsies :D Take it as a challenge!



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