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29 May, 2013

Celebrate good times, C'MON!!

A few pictures of one of our first nights out at A-Bar in Odense. It was Louise, Stine's, and my first time at the bar and they have some of the yummiest shots I've ever had! If you ever go, be sure to try the apple pie! There aren't too many flattering photographs from this night but it was great :) We went out with the lads, met up with an old friend, and Stine and I got to be bodyguards from Louise who suddenly garnered a startling amount of attention from a good 5-7 guys. If there was a competition in seeing who could run the fastest in stilettos, I'm willing to bet I could win! The other two girls were smart enough to wear either flats or wedges for the evening out but me? Never ;)

This was also the first triangle in my hat! For those of you who aren't familiar with Danish graduation traditions ( I don't blame you, I'm learning as I go along as well...) for certain events that you accomplish while wearing your hat, you get to clip out a shape in the inside of your hat. This night, for example, was the first night I was up long enough to watch the sun rise. Thus giving me my now first out of three triangles in my gorgeous grad. hat :)

The week of graduation and the one following was absolutely PACKED with events to attend :D This night was just the beginning! I've thus decided to make a compilation of A-Bar and Louise's party at Bastians!

The next few posts will be about Polina's 20th. UV-themed Birthday bash, another Louise's reception (same day as Eleanor got her hat on!!! A massive congrats to her as well :*), our official IB reception, the beach party that happened instead of the IB Burnout (would have been a drown-out due to the weather!), and the rescheduled IB Burnout! All three of these events blessed by the presence of long-time Herluf friend Telissa who came to visit and luckily, stayed longer than planned :D




This has to have been one of the best nights I've ever had being sober 80% of the time!! I will of course, highly accredit Ms. Louise Hansen for this because I don't think the alcohol ever affected that girl and she was bouncing around with people constantly commenting on her drunken state. Hilarious considering she was, for the longest time, the most sober out of our group! Sad that it's taken nearly a year now but this was the night I got to know to her fellow employees at Bastians, the DJ in particular! this kid is not only talented but one of the funniest guys I've met in ages!! One of the hi-lights of the night, apart from taking over his booth with Louise for a dance party, had to have been him serenading me, dance moves included, alongside the random Turkish pop song that was blaring through the speakers of the club at our 6 A.M. Now, I'm not a big fan of fast-food usually but after hours on end of dancing we were s t a r v i n g and were at this point, way too awake for it to make sense! Mcdonald's never tasted so good :D The calories scarfed down were well-deserved after the workout we put in to being the life of the party ;) We were all too consumed with dancing so unfortunately there aren't many pictures from this night but the memories out-do those anyhow :)


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